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159 Riverside
Asheville, NC
134 Apartment Units
14,000 SQ FT.
Permitting to be completed in 2024 and construction to start soon thereafter.

What's in the Works


159 Riverside is a mixed-use, smart growth project planned for the River Arts District. There will be a mix of studio, 1 Bedroom, and 2 Bedroom units provided, with many community benefits, both within the building and at the steps of the French Broad River. The property will compliment the active lifestyle of the Riverarts Community. 

What's There Now


The land at 159 Riverside has the remains of a Cotton Mill smokestack. The 144 Riverside property is designated as open space, so no structures of any significance are allowed.

What's Happening Next


The project is in for permitting with the City of Asheville.


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